Is There a Difference Between Interior and Exterior Painting Services?

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

If you are planning to repaint your home or commercial space, you must ensure you get the right painting service. Services can differ depending on your needs and wants, so hiring the right service provider is essential in getting the job done.

But before you pick a painter, you must first understand the difference between interior and exterior painting services. Here is a short guide and comparison of these professional painting services.

Professional Painting Services

It’s easy to believe that all a painter does is lather your surfaces with paint. But there is more to it than that. Professional painting requires skill, experience, and technique. Without these, you won’t get the outcome you are hoping for. This is enough reason to get yourself the right team for the job.

Here are some of the things you should expect your painters to do:

Prep Work and Clean Up

Paint jobs can get a little messy. To decrease the mess they are going to make, painters always ensure that the area is prepped and protected from any splashes and spills that could happen. And after the task is finished, they also make sure to clean up after themselves. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up your home with the help of professional painters.

Quality Painting

Professional painters promise quality. From the paint they use to the techniques they apply, these professionals have a standard of quality they always adhere to. You can tell that a professional did the paint job because of the quality of the work. So, unless you are aiming for subpar results, hiring a professional team is the best course of action.

Removals and Repairs

Painters do more than just paint your homes and office spaces; they also remove and repair things like wallpapers, accent walls, and wall coatings. Make sure that your walls and surfaces look neat and polished.

Safety Protocols

No matter what kind of job you do, safety should always be a priority. Part of a professional painter’s job is to observe safety protocols and precautions. They are also expected to follow local laws and regulations designed for the job at hand.

The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Painting

Most people would assume that the only difference between interior painting and exterior painting services is the area of the house being painted. But experts will tell you otherwise. There is more to these services than painting your home’s inside and outside surfaces. Get to know the difference between these two painting services here.

Working Conditions

Weather conditions in indoor and outdoor spaces differ significantly. Painters are more likely to face harsher conditions when taking on exterior painting jobs. Things like weather, environment, and landscape can affect the speed and results of the project you are working on. This is not something you often worry about with interior painting.

Main Purpose

It’s easy to believe that all painting services are only for aesthetic purposes, but in reality, there is more to it than that. In a lot of cases, interior painting is done to elevate and change the atmosphere of a room. This creates a space that is more comfortable and relaxing. On the other hand, exterior painting is meant to protect your exterior walls from outside elements.

Preparation and Process

The process for these services also differs. With interior painting, prep work usually means covering corners and edges with painter’s tape and moving furniture around to avoid getting splashed. For exterior painting, you may need to power-wash the surfaces to remove any dust and debris before you start painting.

Working Time

Another significant difference you should note between interior and exterior painting services is the amount of time it takes to finish the job. Factors that can affect this are weather conditions, building size, and how many rooms you plan on painting. Most times, interior painting takes lesser time to finish.

Subject Surfaces

The type of surfaces that needs to be painted on can also differ with interior and exterior painting. Painters often have to deal with drywall and wood in interior painting. But with exterior painting, they will have to paint on vinyl siding, stucco, and even stone veneer. Some of these surfaces are more challenging to paint on than others, so you need to take that into consideration.

Type of Paint

There is also a major difference in the paint used for interior and exterior painting. Because of the many factors that make interior and exterior painting different, it should come as no surprise that the paints also have distinct characteristics. Interior paints are often blended with harder resin to reduce fading. Exterior paints, on the other hand, are formulated to survive hot and cold temperatures.

Get Your Property Painted Now!

Now that you know the difference between interior and exterior painting services, it’s time to get a service provider who can do both. And if you are looking for a reliable painting team in Sydney, the one to trust is MBD Painting. Call us now for more information about the services we offer.

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