The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Licensed Painters

Licensed Painters

As easy as paint jobs sound, they can be very tedious. Not everyone has the time and skill to get the job done. That is why a lot of people rely on licensed painters for their painting projects. Whether residential painting or commercial painting, hiring the right people can help you get the results you are looking for.

But before hiring a professional team, you must first know the dos and don’ts of hiring licensed painters for your project.

Dos of Hiring Licensed Painters

When hiring licensed painters to work on your project, certain things must be done to ensure you make the most of the service. Even if you hire a reliable team for the task, it doesn’t hurt to have a thorough process before you start working.

Here are a few things you should do when hiring professional painting contractors.


The first thing you should always do if you plan on hiring a professional team is to look them up online. Check the contractor’s website to see what service they offer and if they can give you what you need. Research can help you find the right team for you.

Check Reviews

Previous clients’ responses can help determine if a team can work well with you. If you want to see how a contractor works with other clients, checking out their reviews should be a part of your list. This way, you can see if there are any red flags you should be worried about.

Ask for References

If you think online reviews are insufficient, you can ask for references from previous clients and partners. Client feedback can help determine if the service is for you. References can also come from your peers. Ask around if there is a contractor they recommend and see if what they provide matches with your needs.

Check Credentials

Contractors don’t always share the same level of skill. To ensure the painters you hire have skills to back up their work, you must ask if they have the right credentials for the job. This could be in the form of a training certificate or membership in trade associations.

Ask About Warranty

Depending on the contractor’s quality of work, issues like peeling can occur sometime after the service is finished. To ensure this is remedied, you should get a contractor offering at least a service warranty. The warranty’s length can reflect the service’s quality, so be sure to find a company that provides at least a one-year warranty. Stay away from painting services that don’t offer a warranty.

Get Estimates

If you want to find the best deals for the service you want, you need to ask for estimates from different contractors. This way, you can compare each service and see which is most beneficial. Make sure that you get detailed estimates to see the detailed breakdown of the costs.

Review Safety Protocols

You never know when accidents will happen. Your property might get damaged, or a painter might get into an accident. If this happens, a plan must already be in place to address the situation. That is why you need a team that is prepared with safety protocols if ever something happens during the painting process.

Get a Detailed Contract

In whatever deal you make, you need to protect yourself. So, to avoid getting cheated on your agreement, you need to have a detailed contract with your contractor. Ensuring that your deal is written and signed can protect you from any trickery.

Don’ts of Hiring Licensed Painters

When it comes to hiring licensed painters, there are many mistakes that people often make. These mistakes often lead to not getting the kind of service you are looking for.

Here are some things you shouldn’t do when hiring a licensed painting contractor:

Failing to Ask Questions

When working with a professional team, forgetting to ask questions is a big no-no. You need to ask questions about the work they do, how they will proceed with your space, what materials they will use and other similar questions. If you don’t ask these questions, the team might do or use something not agreed upon.

Being Hasty

Hastily choosing painters is one of the worst things you can do if you want to achieve the right finish for your space. Your first choice of contractor may not always be the best one for the job. Take your time in choosing a team for your space. This is also true when it comes to selecting the lowest-costing contractor. These deals may give you the quality of service you are looking for.

Setting High Expectations

Getting ahead of yourself can cause major disappointments. Just because you have chosen the perfect team doesn’t mean they can do everything you want. Every project has its limitations. Don’t set your expectations too high; only aim for what is plausible and necessary.

Being Afraid to Negotiate

There is always a way to work around things, whether it’s time or budget. Don’t hesitate to negotiate with your contractors; you might get a better deal.

Work with the Best

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