Reasons to Get Concrete Epoxy Coating

Concrete Epoxy Coating

Getting the right material for your floors is very important. Of all the parts in your home, your floors are the ones that are prone to the most damage. That is why you need to ensure the flooring you get is durable and long-lasting.

To make sure your floors are safe from damage, you need to get concrete epoxy coating. If you are unsure if this is the flooring for you, here are some reasons that could change your mind.

What Is Epoxy Coating

Before you decide to get epoxy floor coating, you must first understand what it is. Epoxy is a mixture of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener to use as a coating on your surfaces. As the mixture hardens, it becomes a durable and rigid plastic-like coating that serves as a protective layer for your floors.

Epoxy floors are often seen in commercial establishments, industrial workspaces, and residential garages. It offers function and aesthetics that not many flooring options can provide.

This kind of flooring also comes in a lot of different types, making it one of the most versatile flooring materials in the market. Whatever workspace you are in, there is always an epoxy floor option for you.

Reasons to Get Epoxy Coating

Flooring is not always something people take time to consider. Many don’t realise that there are many options to choose from when it comes to flooring. One that is sometimes overlooked is concrete epoxy coating.

If you are doubting if this is the flooring for you, here are some reasons that could convince you:

Chemical Resistant

If you work in any industrial field, you will be working with all kinds of chemicals. These chemicals, when spilled, could cause a lot of damage to your floors. Unchecked spillage can cause stains, corrosion, and other problems. With epoxy floors, you get chemical-resistant floors. Epoxy coating can protect your floors and keep them nice and sturdy.


Heat is also a common factor for floors to get damaged easily. A prime example of this is hot tire pick-up. This is when you come back from a long drive, and your hot tires make contact with your floor coating. The epoxy coating doesn’t soften from the heat, making it a good option for garages.

Shock Proof

Heavy impact is also a common cause of damage to your floors. But if you get epoxy coating for your floors, you can avoid fissures and holes caused by heavy impacts on your floors. Protecting your floors with an epoxy coating is a vital precautionary measure if you work somewhere prone to heavy objects dropping to the ground.


No matter how simple your coating is, it will always look impressive if it is professionally placed. The right coating can change the way your floors appear. It will look more polished, clean, and flawless. Your floors are not always the first things that people notice when they enter your space, but with epoxy flooring, there is no way they can ignore your floors.


Contrary to popular belief, epoxy floors are not only seen in garages and industrial workspaces. They are also used in commercial spaces like malls, hotels, and showrooms. There are a variety of types of epoxy floor coatings that can suit your space. There is always an epoxy flooring option for every space.

Aesthetically Pleasing

As mentioned, epoxy floors are seen in many different establishments and workspaces. That is why it also comes in different types to suit the style of your space. You can find epoxy flooring in all kinds of colours and shades. You may even notice establishments that use flooring materials like quartz and flakes. Epoxy also reflects light, making the space look a little brighter.

Covers Defects

Epoxy flooring serves as a coating on top of your concrete floors. If your floors already have damage on them, getting epoxy coating can help hide them. This is an effective solution to make your floors smooth and damage-free. You can also reduce the risk of injury when you cover these defects.

Cost Efficient

Compared to other flooring, epoxy is one of the most cost-efficient options. With epoxy, you are sure to get what you paid for. Because it is so low-maintenance, you don’t have to spend so much on upkeep. One good coating can virtually last you a lifetime.

Easy to Clean

Many flooring options can be hard to clean because of their texture. With epoxy, you will get a smooth surface that is resistant to elements that can stain and damage your floors. You don’t have to get any particular cleaning solution to clean and polish your epoxy floor surfaces.

MBD Painting

Getting the right floor coating is something you must never disregard. That is why you should consider getting concrete epoxy coating for your floors. And when it comes to epoxy flooring, you can trust MBD Painting to get the job done. For more information about what we do, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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