How to Select the Right Wall Paint for Your Newly Inaugurated Office?

Office Paint

Paint colours influence the way we work and boost creative thinking capabilities. A coat of vibrant paint adds character to your walls and makes your workplace aesthetically pleasing. Besides giving a visual boost, mix and match paint combinations enhance productivity and create a positive impact on your brand in the minds of potential clients. 

There’s goes a lot into making the right decision when it comes to painting an office. The size, shape, layout, ventilation, line of business etc., will influence colour choices, employee behaviour and this blog will act as a guide to help you choose the best wall paint for your office. Stay glued.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wall Paints for Your New Office

Choosing paints for your newly inaugurated office is a challenging endeavour. The market is flooded with a plethora of colour options and it can be hard to determine which colour will fit best in your work environment. However, taking into account these handy guidelines can make the task less cumbersome and time-taking.

  • Consider the Purpose of Your Space

The shade you will choose for your walls will depend upon your type of business. For instance, neutral tones such as grey, white, beige work best for professional work environment such as offices and banks whereas retail spaces demand bold, tantalising colours to influence the buying decision of customers. However, if you are running an ad agency or digital marketing company where innovation, creative thinking form the fulcrum, you may ask commercial painting services provider in Crows Nest to select vibrant combinations such as orange, yellow, purple, red, plum etc., that can foster new ideas and explore the creativity of your employees.

  • Check the Amount of Natural Light Penetration

The flow of natural light will significantly impact the choice of your paint colour. For instance, rooms with no to less natural light may call for lighter tones whereas, board rooms or conference rooms with plenty of natural light penetration can benefit from dark hues. Light can change the appearance of paint colours and thus, it’s wise to ask local commercial painters near Bondi to test a sample on walls before the final application for the best paint outcome.

  • The Size of Your Space will Impact Colour Choices

If your new office features large space and you want to make it intimate, you may experiment with darker tones such as teal, blue or green. On the other hand, if you have got a tight space, it’s better not to go for darker hues, instead, you may invigorate your office with neutral shades such as beige, peach, light green or pink to create a sense of openness.

  • Take into Account Large Elements in Your Office

Another way to choose paint colours is by taking cues from what’s existing in your office. Whether you have a leather sofa, work of art or abundance of woodwork, these elements will impact your colour tone and help you select the right combination that can seamlessly blend in with the surrounding aesthetics and make your office stand out in the crowd.

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