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Accent Wall Room Painting Tips to Make Home Interiors Look Amazing

Be it your bedroom, living room or any other room, and accent walls can make the area look truly unique. But if you don’t have an accent wall but planning to get one painted, these tips from the experts will help you out. Also, if you are in Sydney, you need to hire experienced painters as they are well versed in modern interior painting techniques and trends.

So, without further delay, let’s now take a look at the valuable tips.

One Accent Wall is Better than Two

Any renowned local home interior service provider in Sydney will recommend you not paint two accent walls since it will not give you the best effect. It will look kind of absurd and will distract your guests. Additionally, they might look confusing. So, it is best to keep one wall painted instead of two.

You can, however, experiment with two accent walls, but it’s best to consult with your professional painters first.

Keep the Accent Wall Colour Different from the Others   

Since the aiming is to make your home interiors look enticing, it is best not to match the accent colour of your wall with that of the other walls in the room. Instead, you should choose the accent colour based on your upholstered furniture or other decorative elements in your room. That way, you will be able to establish a unique look for your space quickly.

On the other hand, if you want to match the colours, it is best to leave out the accent colour and keep a plain and simple look.

Choosing the Best Accent Colour

Even though there is a wide range of accent colours readily available in the market, you should choose the ones that fit your interior. For that, you can talk to the best home interior painters in Sydney.

The experts, however, suggest that you should not choose loud colours and if your room is small, avoid textured accents. Additionally, while selecting the accent colour, make sure you keep in mind the lighting.

Choosing Complimentary Colours as Accent Colours

Complimentary colours can work as good accent colours. So, if you want to keep the look of your home interior simple, you can choose complementary colours. But at the same time, not all interiors will look good if complementary colours are used as accent colours. So, in that case, talking to your painters can be a good idea.

Consider the Cost

Even though you have chosen the accent colour, the cost can be an issue. So, before selecting the colour, you should talk to your local house painters in Sydney as they have an extensive idea about the cost and quality of each colour.

Consider the Time Taken for Accent Painting

If you are painting all the walls in your home, it might take a while. But if its only one room where you would like the accent colour will be present, it might not take much.

However, regarding the duration of the paint, you should talk to your painters.

Make Your Home Interiors Appealing By Applying Fascinating Colours

At MBD Painting Pty Ltd, we provide home interior and exterior painting service. The painting will be carried out by our licensed and insured painters. So, if you wish to know more about the cost of painting a house or want to book a painting service, call us today.

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