Repainting Interior Doors – What All it Takes for a Successful Outcome?

When it comes to undertaking interior house painting project, most homeowners consider revamping outdated walls with fresh coats of paint but interior doors often go neglected. Regular use and exposure to dirt, grime and grease wear away the paint finish and make doors look dull and worn out. Hence, it’s of utmost importance to repaint doors at least once in a year to maintain the visual aesthetics of your interiors and this blog will rightly explain what all it takes to make door paints last in good health for years.

Surface Prepping is Key

Whether you have decided to paint all the doors of your house or that of a single room, surface prepping is key to getting effective and long-lasting paint outcomes. First and foremostly, you need to analyse the extent of damage by hiring local interior painters near Ryde and then choose to power wash any loose dirt or sticky contaminants for flawless paint application. Scrape off loose paint and fill in dents, cracks or holes. This will help you apply primer seamlessly and make the base of doors ready to paint.

Considering Existing Style & Design

Once you are done prepping doors, go ahead to choose a suitable paint to apply on it. However, before finalising the style and shade, identify the exact location of the doors and the existing design structure around it to ensure new paint coats blend in seamlessly with the surrounding aesthetics. When analysing the surrounding decor around the door, check the particular category in which the doors will fit best. If the existing colour tone of your room is grey, white or beige, choose whimsical colours for doors for an improved appeal.

Interior Painting

Correct Painting Techniques

Before plunging into the task of painting doors, local interior painters near Ryde always recommend detaching the door from its hinge to make the job seamless and hassle-free. Removing door knobs and handles before painting facilitates in smooth application of paint coats and taping doors all around for high-quality results. Moreover, all doors are not of the same design and built. Therefore, it’s recommended to start from the top towards the bottom so that even if paint drips down the walls, it can be easily covered up.

Hiring Professional Interior Painters

Painting interior doors may seem to be overwhelming but the time and effort it takes to get flawless outcomes is huge. Moreover, the tools, equipment and materials needed to get exceptional shades require professional skills and expertise which is often not possible to execute for a layman. Hence, the best way to get promising outcomes is by hiring a house interior painting expert in Seaforth who can execute the job of interior door painting with high-end detailing and make door paint last in good health for decades.

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